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Балон Магија (balongmagija.mk) is an online store, which sells balloon arrangements, as well as arrangements from other products. The e-store is the property of the company “Emi-Beti” Ltd. from Skopje, a company with a decade of experience in working with balloons, creating unique balloon arrangements.


We provide simple and easy choosing and purchasing services. You can choose and order the best balloons quickly and surprise your loved ones. 


Балон Магија (balonmagija.mk) is available 24h for searching, reviewing and purchasing. 


Payment is provided with special software for online stores, made possible by “CASYS INTERNATIONAL” and Komercijalna Banka AD Skopje.


The distribution covers delivery to the address specified by the buyer, within 24-48 hours, on the territory of Skopje.


Product Description 

“Emi-Beti” Ltd. keeps the right to partially change the content and the color of the balloon arrangements, depending on availability. All product descriptions are written to provide the closest accurate explanation and representation. However, “Emi-Beti” Ltd. does not guarantee that the product descriptions are complete, 100% accurate or error free.



All prices are in MKD (Macedonian denar) VAT included, and do not include delivery costs. Delivery is extra; the delivery cost details are described on our page. “Emi-Beti” Ltd. keeps the right to change prices of products and services in our e-store. 


What happens if one of the balloons breaks or pops?

We take care that your balloons reach your destination in full effect and excellent condition. Taking into account that the balloons are made from a top-shelf material and with special care and after they are made are stored by our watchful eye a certain time, we are certain that you will get the best. If for some reason a balloon is popped during delivery, we shall replace it.


Once the balloons are delivered at your location in prime condition, we no longer carry the responsibility for their well-being. After delivery, you are responsible for your balloons.


Changes in certain designs are possible only as a general guidance, for example: whether it is for a male, female, a boy, a girl, a grown up person, more pinkish, more blue etc. You can simply write these preferences in your order as a note. 


How to take care of your balloons? 

Balloons that are kept indoors, away from heating and cooling systems, away from sharp objects, will last really long. If balloons are played with and handled around, this will decrease their lifespan. We take care that you get the best most quality balloons that will last longer that ordinary balloons. Those are the balloons from the world’s leading manufacturers – Qualatex, Anagram. 


How long do balloons last? 

This is the most common question we get. If stored in a right way, the balloons last very long, but this can differ with seasons changing, air temperature, air humidity, even altitude. There are still some parameters taken into consideration for balloons filled with helium and their lifespan. 

11”: 5-12 days, 

16”: 2-3 weeks, 

18” foil balloons: 1-2 weeks, 

Bubbles: 2-3 weeks. 


About the products

The latex balloons used by Balon Magija in our arrangements are exclusively from the brand Qualatex and are made from 100% natural caoutchouc and are biodegradable. The air-time of latex balloons cannot be precisely determined and guaranteed since they are made from a natural material. Oxidation, loss of shine of the balloons is a normal process. During a party a balloon may pop or deflate, but Balon Magija is not responsible for this. Our care is that the balloons reach you, and in the presence of the delivery person are handed to you in an excellent condition. After this, the responsibility for the same balloons is yours. 


Helium as a gas is not toxic, but is not recommended to be inhaled. 


Popped balloons, especially their little fragments are hazardous to children, so please take caution as they might swallow them. 


All our balloons are hand-made, so might have small differences from those pictured.



The payment is with a credit / debit card from any bank in R. of Macedonia and abroad, having the option for e-payment (VISA ELECTRON, Master Card, Maestro, etc.). After you have chosen your product and put into the e-cart, you need to finalize the payment electronically. The information that you give during the payment is protected by the Electronic Payment Card Center CASYS INTERNATIONAL . That means that in the moment of payment you are transferred to the “ CASYS ” Safety Page, and when the payment is complete you return to BalonMagija.mk. This also means that Balon Magija (Emi-Beti Ltd.), nor our partner “Komercijalna Banka” (Commercial Bank) will have access to your card information. The whole procedure means that you are safe, and should not be concerned when buying online.


Note: The usage of credit/debit cards that are not your property, and are used without the consent of the card holder, is a criminal act. Such actions will hold you responsible in the Court.


Policies and changes

Emi-Beti Ltd. retains the right to make changes to the web site, its policies and general regulations at any time.



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